Friday, October 24, 2008

the pleasure of tapas

I had a marvelous luncheon at Aioli Bodega Española today with my friend Aggie. The charming and friendly owner was born in Algeria, raised in Cordova, Spain. The menu is full of tempting treats, but the best thing to do is head for the tapas selections. We shared four dishes, and left stuffed and satisfied. The food is delicious, the service excellent. I ordered two dishes: mejillones (mussels in cream sauce; Aggie doesn't like mussels so I got to eat them all!) and albondigas (spicy meatballs; I was full by now so brought left-overs home for dinner); she ordered salmón in a caper-infused sauce with lemon and ravioles with cheese and yerbas (herbs). I have not been to this delightful spot in quite a while. I was happy to return; I'll go again soon. Maybe after the election to celebrate an Obama victory with a bottle of cava!

Ten days until the election. Don't forget to vote, early and often!


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