Friday, December 26, 2008

la gripa that stole Christmas

I was feeling a bit peckish on Christmas Eve ~ slight sore throat, slight runny nose ~ but soldiered on at Luly and Ed's annual party. I dragged out my once-a-year-at-Luly's-party sparkly skirt and made the best of it. Good group of people; nobody got drunk and jumped in the pool (as happened once before). Turkey was delicious, fellowship abounded. But round about 9:30 I was really feeling lousy. So we came home and I went straight to bed.

I started coughing in the night, and spent yesterday in bed, hacking and blowing my nose. Also reading (not a bad thing) and drinking flor de jamaica (another nice thing), a delicious punch-juice made from the petals of the hibiscus flower. We get it in little packets, like Crystal Light. Or at Mexican market where we buy the loose dried petals and brew it ourselves. Very refreshing flavor and a beautiful ruby red color. So I spent the entire Christmas Day doctoring myself, waiting for the coughing spasms to pass. We had no internet connection all day so I could not send out my pitiful story.

This morning I am somewhat improved. The dry cough has turned wet but at least it's not so painful. I think I'll actually get out of bed and pretend to live. I will lie low, though, particularly since I have a new book to read, Jeffrey Toobin's The Nine, a gift to the Patient from my sister. He is engrossed in something else at the time so now's my opportunity. I guess we'll go down to the beach for lunch again; nobody feels like cooking and besides, it's Friday so we should eat fish.

Weather holding fair and warm.

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At 10:13 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

Oh, so sorry you have that "thing" and hope you are feeling better!


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