Wednesday, April 01, 2009

almost dual citizenship

Our trip to Manzanillo to pick up the FM3 documents went without a hitch. Well, almost. The Patient, while parking the car, ran into a tree and scraped the left side of the car pretty badly. Other than that, not a hitch. The documents were ready, except for the photos which were pasted in, then everything was stamped, signed, etc. It took just about one hour to get it all done. The main advantage to holding an FM3 is the tax break when selling property. We have no plans to do that immediately, but it's better if you hold the FM3 for more than about 15 minutes before selling. Then it was off to shop, to lunch, to bank, and to go home.

Tuesday morning I got a message from my niece that my sister had been whisked off to the ICU and put on a ventilator at 4 AM that morning. The cause was probably elevated potassium, the same condition that landed her in the hospital shortly after we arrived here. By last evening things had stabilized, she was off the ventilator and feeling ok. Today is another CT scan to see if the docs can find a healthy artery to transplant into her leg to improve circulation. No surgery until blood flow can be detected, otherwise the fear is she will not heal. Such an ordeal. She is a real trooper to put up with all this. I will call again tonight to see what the day's events brought. As for me, it's off to Jack's for a swim ~ perfect pool weather today, not too windy ~ and then the weekly domino fest. And even now, 10 days out, preparations are underway for the Easter crazies. Oh joy.

Here's a terrific April Fool's Day prank. Oh, if only . . .


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