Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Anniversary Henry

Today is the 500th anniversary of the coronation of Henry VIII as King of England and Ireland. It was dangerous to be a friend of Henry's, and not only a female friend. For those of you who may have an interest in how he changed the face of England, I recommend this article from today's Telegraph.

In other news, our guests arrived on Sunday and have been, by all reports, having a grand time. We went to the tiagues on Monday. Yesterday they went off to the turtle reserve and in the evening we had lovely grilled fish at Dago's. I have no idea where they went today. We may go up to Suchitlan and the arboretum at Nogueres tomorrow or Friday. They plan to begin a long, slow return to Guadalajara on Sunday. Then begins the big pack-up. Two weeks from today . . .

Today was a lovely luncheon-cum-dominoes down in the colonia It's very nice to have a "day game" every so often. Ten of us gathered at Bobbie's house, at noon for mimosas and a yummy chicken curry salad served in scooped out cantaloupe. I like it when the dishes are part of the meal.


At 12:14 PM, Blogger DAK said...

We saw Henry's toilet in London in the castle. All I could think about was what you would have had to have done to get the job of emptying it every day.


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