Monday, April 13, 2009

se fueron

Yes, they've gone. After a mere 5 days of revelry the crowds have left town. The disco did crank up last night and I was here to enjoy every spin of the turntable. But it is now closed down, the beer tents have been packed up and taken away, the speakers loaded up and carted out of town. This little village is ours again. Or at least it no longer belongs to the disco. The disco pavilion did light up and I had a momentary attack of panic, but not a peep out of it. Tonight it is quiet and peaceful and the only thing I can hear is the lovely suss of the waves on the shore.

Tomorrow we take Neighbor Nelson and Mrs. Neighbor Nelson up to Colima so they can catch the bus to Guadalajara for their flight home. They'll spend the night in Guad and fly out on Wednesday. Their lovely holiday is over but, all things being equal, they'll be back next year. They "host" the internet from their house so if we get cut off for some reason, and we can't restart, you won't hear from us for awhile. We have had intermittent interruptions in service recently but I think we know how to remedy the problem.


At 9:59 AM, Blogger mary ann said...

Welcome back to the quiet ~ I like the word "suss"
to describe your ocean sound. Do you have a return date set, or don't we think about that yet...


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