Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

It seems like only yesterday that my mother would dress my sister and me in Easter finery and trot us off to church for the traditional Easter service (not the sunrise variety). My Godmother used to send us "sister look-alike" dresses, hats, sox and gloves. Not too many folks doll up in this style here.

Things are settling down after a pretty loud and busy weekend. Marie and I walked the malecon yesterday and commented that the crowds were much lighter than they had been last year. We could actually walk side-by-side without having to squeeze through wedges of hard-drinking, hard-partying folks. If this year's disco schedule follows that of last year, it should be quiet fafter tonight's blow-out. More vacationers will come during this next week, Pasqua but, as I have noted here before, that group is considered a more "genteel" crowd. Supposedly they do not camp on the beach but instead hang out at some of Cuyutl√°n's finest hotels. Which ones are in that category is still a mystery.

For us, it was a quiet Sunday with reading and resting. I dearly miss my traditional Easter dinner of roast leg of lamb, roasted potatoes, asparagus and lemon mousse. Instead, tongue tacos.


At 7:33 PM, Blogger DAK said...

Tongue tacos instead of lamb. That's funny.

At 1:38 PM, Blogger meg said...

Me and my four sister were also all dressed in our easter, including to ever so lovely Easter Bonnet.


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