Monday, April 06, 2009

the candy man

Yesterday afternoon I walked along the malecon to see what fresh hell is afoot for Easter. New puestos, depositos (where you can buy beer and then return the bottles) and, of course, el disco are the first additions. There will be more as the week goes on. This year's disco incarnation is bigger than ever, spread over four lots. Between us and it lies one slender, one-house wide vacant lot, so we get the full enchilada. The "music" will probably start tomorrow night and go for 7 nights, usually until about 4 AM. But I am not going to sleep here; I'm going to spend the nights with friends who live down in the colonia, about 2 miles away. I'll still be able to hear the noise faintly but it won't shake the bed.

There were lots of day-trippers out yesterday, strolling up and down, eating in the puestos (Dago's was packed), surveying the wares of various purveyors of jewelry, ceramics, clothing. One of the prettiest sights was the candy man with his wheelbarrow full of these colorful goodies. He's the most popular vendor on the beach with the kiddies.

Right now it's quiet and peaceful, with only the occasional sound of hammers building yet another stall to sell drinks or food. I finally got through to Telmex to report that our phone has been out for 3 days; they'll come tomorrow. You know, maƱana. Since I haven't been able to talk to the East Coast, I have nothing to report on my sister's condition. I'm sure I would have heard either via email or Skype if there was anything to report.


At 11:03 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

I feel for you, on the other hand your outrage-writing about this yearly event makes me LOL, as we youngsters say. Write away when they arrive...


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