Wednesday, July 18, 2007

the color dilemma

I was set on the shade "Calm Air" (bottom) that I saw at Caitlin's. But it doesn't look good with the new carpet or the light in the bedroom. Max mixed up a dilution of that color for the bathroom but it looks terrible with the existing tile in the shower. It is too mustard-y. So it's back to the drawing board - or color wheel, in this instance - for a richer and deeper color. I found a wonderful (to my poor color-blind eyes) warm toast color that looks good with the carpet AND will look good with the tile in dilute. Max the Painter will get some new paint mixed up tomorrow and we'll try again. He has finished the ceiling in a slight off-white and it opens up this already spacious room. So much white will balance a deeper, richer color without having the whole room close up on me.

Here's the bedroom all shrouded in plastic. The place looks as though we have moved out and it has been taken over by huge webs. Like Miss Havisham at table, waiting, waiting, waiting. Tomorrow Max and his mozo will tackle the ceiling in the bathroom and prime all the woodwork and the walls. I am going to dash off to look for a new bathroom light fixture. The one that's there is only semi-functional. Half of the light sockets have shorted out. Really tacky. As for the carpet, here's a look at it but as I said, looking at beige carpet is not terribly interesting. You decide.Through the sliders you can make out our assembled possessions. And early this morning it sprinkled. We had to tear out and cover everything. Then it rained a bit more later this morning. Actually quite refreshing.


At 8:17 AM, Blogger mary ann said...

Isn't living like this, even for a few days, a little (ahem) relationship test? You have a fireplace in your bedroom? Lucky you!
It's going to be gorgeous!


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