Monday, October 27, 2008

the annual arts festival

Each year there is an arts festival at the Convention Center in Sacramento. I have been a faithful attendee (and patron) for several years. This year was no exception. My friend Gina and I browsed up and down the aisles checking out the jewelry, paintings, weaving, sculpture, clothing, leather goods, prints, and other artistic offerings. I bought a few small things on behalf of Santa. I am always impressed how these artists are so willing to put themselves and their goods out for public scrutiny and, of course, purchase. When I bought a couple of small things the artist was SO grateful, and said so several times. I guess business was slow this year.

Then we to lunch at the Rio City Cafe on the Sacramento River. That tower you see in the background is part of the drawbridge. It was a beautiful, sunny Indian Summer day. The patio area along the river was full of happy diners enjoying good food in the last of the warm days. Rain is predicted to move in to the valley on Thursday; possibly snow at Lake Tahoe on Friday.

Last night I watched an excellent PBS program, The Choice 2008 about ~ what else? ~ the election. It was one of those well-researched Frontline productions. Revealing footage, good interviews (including several spots with Ryan Lizza, he of the New Yorker), lots of information. If John McCain had been able to decide on his "message" and had stayed on it, he'd probably be way ahead. His is a compelling story. Instead, the chaos in his campaign and his risky VP pick have probably doomed him.

Seven days until the election. Don't forget to vote, early and often!


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