Friday, July 20, 2007

harry f. potter

I went up town this morning to do a couple of errands and happened by the Borders big box. What did I see? A long, long line of Potterites, waiting for the store to open so they could rush in and fork over their saved allowances to by the ultimate book. Average age of the line-up? About 7. Lots of moms, very few dads. Even the venerable News Hour with Jim Leher devoted a generous portion of time to discuss this phenom.

Max and his merry band of painters have departed for the weekend. The bedroom walls and trim are all done and it looks absolutely stunning. I put the new duvet on the bed to give it all a test run and I am completely pleased. The wall color is warm and restful, the ceilings are white and make the room look even larger and lighter.

Then I put the duvet cover on the bed to see how it all "flows." It does. Where, you might well ask, are the pillows in this scene? They aren't here yet. In fact, this fabric does not come with euro pillow covers, so I bought a twin cover and will have covers made. Spare no expense, right? In truth, I haven't done a thing to this room in almost 20 years, so let's go for broke and hang the expense!

The color in the bathroom is half of the depth of the bedroom tone and it looks very good. Goes with the tiles already there. Thank God I don't have to rip them out and start all over.


At 6:22 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

Glorious colors ~ I'm so inspired. Alas Husbando doesn't go for the "hang the expense", even though it is my philosophy. Surprisingly we have "had words" about this in the past.
Congrats on the new bedroom!


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