Thursday, July 19, 2007

happy birthday to the patient Patient

Today is the Patient's birthday. And he has been most patient during this redecorating dislocation. As long as he doesn't have to make any decisions about what gets done he's happy. Well, as happy as a man can be who has been booted out of his bedroom and made to take all his belongings out of the closet. But if he is left alone to putter in the garden and sit on the deck and read he doesn't complain. Too much. We'll probably go to a movie at the weekend to celebrate.

Here's the new color Max had mixed. It's called Kitchen Twine. Who thinks up these names anyway? It doesn't look quite right in this picture; it's really very warm without being too yellow. He hasn't gotten the dilute color yet; tomorrow.

And the new bed linens came today, too. Here's the stripe of the duvet cover. It's the dark stripe I'm trying to match, or at least compliment. Max assures me that Kitchen Twine is a good go-with. The whole look of the room will change. It will be much more polished. You know, for grown-ups! I think it will work just fine. Max has painted the built-in headboard white. The lightest part of this cover is actually white.

Here's the paint sample with the duvet cover. All the trouble I had getting this thing in the first place, I'm going to MAKE it work. You can see better in this photo the white in the fabric, but the paint color is quite a bit darker. Max is going to start painting the walls tomorrow. Perhaps I can get a more realistic sample of the true color.


At 7:20 AM, Blogger mary ann said...

Very beautiful, you are so talented!


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